TV Roundup: Here Comes the 'Hannah Montana' Movie

Photo: Bob D'amico/Disney

• A movie version of Disney’s hit series, Hannah Montana, is in the works. Since everything Miley Cyrus touches turns to gold, the Writers’ Guild has asked her to intervene in their negotiations.

• Some of TVs biggest shoes — Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and CSI — could return with new episodes if the writers’ strike ends by Feb. 15. And if the Screen Actor’s Guild doesn’t go on strike.

Teri Hatcher won a ruling in a case where she is being sued by a lip plumper, which says that she promised to promote their product but was seen promoting competitors. When asked for comment, Hatcher said, “Ack! Talking lipstick!”

• More than 97 million viewers tuned in to watch the New York Giants defeat the previously undefeated New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, making it the most watched game ever. But that’s only because it was on right before House. Bob D’amico/Disney

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