TV Roundup: 'Ghost Whisperer' Gets Bounced

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

• CBS is pushing The Ghost Whisperer back an hour so they can air six special primetime episodes of The Price Is Right, starting Feb. 22. Jennifer Love Hewitt just spoke with the ghosts and they’re not happy with their new time slot.

Stephen Colbert‘s “WristStrong” bracelets — a rubber bracelet he created after breaking his wrist — have raised more than $171,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which aids injured service members. Now he’s planning to break his ankle and be able to fund the charity for years.

• FOX’s game show The Moment of Truth — where contestants answer embarrassing questions in front of loved ones — is being called a “slow-paced bore.” If want to know dirt about their loved ones, why don’t they just check out their Facebook pages like everyone else? Cliff Lipson/CBS

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