TV Roundup: 'Dexter' to Bloody Up CBS

Photo: Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Jill Greenberg/Showtime

• CBS will fill holes in their lineup due to the writers’ strike by airing Dexter, the edgy Showtime drama starring Michael C. Hall about a serial killer who hunts other serial killers. The network will editthe hour-long show for language and gore, making each episode about 15 minutes long.

Late Show host David Letterman has finally shaved off his bushy strike beard. Underneath it? Narnia!

American Gladiators is back! NBC’s remake of the 1980s athletic competition stars powerhouse gladiators named Mayhem, Crush, Venom and Stealth, which we thought were the names of Gatorade flavors. Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Jill Greenberg/Showtime

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