TV Roundup: Dave One-Ups Jay and Conan?

Photo: J.P. Filo /CBS

David Letterman is said to be negotiating with the WGA to return on-air Jan. 2–with his writing staff. How you like them apples, Jay, Conan?

Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice is being delayed so NBC can promote it better. “I will find a way to blame this on Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump said.

• The striking writers have spoken: The People’s Choice Awards will not be broadcast live this year. Instead, you’ll see winners in their jammies accepting their awards via video.

•MTV is producing a spinoff of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila called That’s Amore. The show features popular contestant Domenico, and will follow his search for an “American Sweetheart.” You know, the kind of girl that will wear a bikini on television and play devious mind games to beat out other girls for your heart.

J.P. Filo /CBS

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