TV Roundup: Brian Austin Green Is Back From the Future!

Photo: Michael Desmond/FOX

• Hoping to shed his good-guy Beverly Hills, 90210 image, Brian Austin Green is starring on FOX’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a tough, futuristic killer who hangs out at the Peach Pit After Dark and aspires to be a rapper.

• ABC is appealing an FCC fine of $1.4 million for broadcasting a woman’s rear end and side of her breast before 10 p.m., in 2003. And that was just in a single silly beer commercial!

Heroes will not return this spring, but will most likely return in the fall. Or else it’ll make Sylar angry.

Denise Richards is getting her own reality show about how she “navigates Hollywood, romance and motherhood.” Her ex-husband Charlie Sheen isn’t happy about his daughters Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, appearing on the show. And neither are you.

Michael Desmond/FOX

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