TV Roundup: Bloody 'Dexter' Not So Hard to Clean Up

Photo: Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Jill Greenberg/Showtime

• It was easier than you might think to make Showtime’s grisly series Dexter — about a serial killer (Michael C. Hall) who kills other serial killers — suitable for network TV. After all, could anything be more brutal than My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad?

Jericho is back after fans sent almost 20 tons of peanuts (a nod to a main character) to CBS. Sick of dry roaste, network execs have since asked that this time, fans send honey-roasted nuts.

• Even more American versions of British shows are set to hit our TV screens. Said one U.S. exec, “Very rarely has something been gangbusters over there that hasn’t really worked over here.” Said the cast of Coupling, “Oh really?”

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Jill Greenberg/Showtime

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