TV Roundup: Ashlee Not Busy on ' Saturday Night '


Saturday Night Live has reportedly turned down Ashlee Simpson for another appearance because producers thought she was “a pain.” Look for next week’s episode with host Joe Simpson and musical guest Fall Out Boy. (We kid, we kid! It’s Christopher Walken and Panic at the Disco.)

Miley Cyrus won two Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on Saturday – one for favorite female singer and one for favorite TV actress. “She’d be nothing without me,” sniffed a bitter Hannah Montana.

Team Meeps has been created to celebrate – like The Bachelor‘s Amanda – who suffer from chronic high-pitched hiccups. This is different from Team Peeps: who are addicted to the sugary marshmallow chicks.

Deadwood actor Ian McShane will star as an “Old Testament-era monarch” in the new NBC drama Kings. Better start studying those ancient Hebrew swear words!

Heather Mills will be a celebrity judge for the Miss USA pageant April 11th. Everyone else will continue to judge Mills, just for the fun of it.

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