October 25, 2007 12:00 AM

• ABC’s hit freshman comedy Samantha Who? looks like it’ll get picked up next season–the network just ordered six additional scripts. We just hope Christina Applegate, who plays the title character remembers to show up for work to tape these new shows.

•A spin-off of Prison Break, called Prison Break: Cherry Hill, will be set in a women’s prison. The spin-off will air on Fox–not Cinemax.

•The new show Warehouse 13 tells the story of two FBI agents who work in a top-secret location that houses supernatural artifacts. It’ll air on Sci-Fi. Where did you think it would air, Animal Planet?

•This photo of Larry King has surfaced on the Internet. The joke? It’s from NBC’s Football Night in America and not from a Halloween party. Photo: KAREN NEAL/ABC

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