Tuesday's Idol: What You Didn't See

Photo: F Micelotta/American Idol 2008/Getty

A Very Idol Birthday Debbie the stage manager urgently called over the PA system during the break — “Ryan Seacrest, I need you! Ryan Seacrest, I need you!” Finally, Ryan headed over to see what exactly was so important. Moments later, the host came out carrying a large white and blue frosted cake with burning birthday candles. Next, all the Idols, the judges, the entire cast, crew and audience began to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jason Castro, helping him to celebrate the big 2-1 Idol style! After he blew out the candles, Seacrest thought it would be funny to make like he was going to press it into Castro’s face, but in doing so, he worried more about getting it on his suit, as the clock was ticking down and the commercial break was ending. Castro, who had already finished his performance, met those eager to see his face covered half way, by dipping his entire nose into the middle.

Sexy ThoughtsDespite almost tripping on her way from backstage — if not for her faithful bodyguard there to save her — judge Paula Abdul spent most of the commercial breaks greeting the many teenage girls or “the hand-wavers” inside the Idol mosh-pit. All of her adoring young fans were beyond pleased when she came over to chat and give them all great big hugs and hellos. As soon as the next break came, Abdul grabbed her purse and headed back over to the same group of girls to let each of them try a sample of her new fragrance Sexy Thoughts. By the looks on their faces, as she dabbed a little bit on each of their wrists, these girls will soon be picking up the new scent.

Faces in the CrowdBrad Garrett with his family, Joely Fisher (back for a second time this season) with her family, and guest star on ‘Til Death J.B. Smoove, all enjoyed the live show from Idol audience — and even got a personal hello from Simon Cowell as he made his way to his seat. Shar Jackson, who was also in the audience, laughed up a storm when on the monitor it showed David Archuleta and his sister doing a traditional Mexican dance as children. Also back, former Idol Danny Noriega, who spent the night close to his pal Ramiele Malubay‘s family, who were sitting in the front row. Noriega got a hug from Paula and Debbie the stage manager, handshakes from Randy and Simon and even producer Nigel Lythgoe came over to greet the young singer.

Randy Saw Red & Simon Was RedSomebody definitely had a “Case of the Mondays” on this Tuesday, as Randy Jackson was consistently finding fault in some of the better moments, where others were not. Jackson bore the grunt of boos from the Idol audience (something Simon Cowell usually happily accepts), as he repeatedly didn’t find performances up to par. But even though Jackson was the hot-headed judge, why was it Cowell with the red face? Could it be the judge, who loves summer water sports, forgot to put on sunscreen at the beach? Whatever the case, from one burner to the next, Simon, you have to find a stronger SPF.

Who Will It Be? No matter what David Archuleta says or sings (even if it’s obscure Australian songs nobody has ever heard of), the female fans in the audience go wild whenever his name is mentioned or even when he steps onto the stage. But tonight, when Ryan Seacrest asked if he’ll be going to his high school prom and whom he’ll be bringing, all the teenagers in the pit started going wild, yelling, “Take me, David! Take me!” A usually shy Archuleta wouldn’t let anything slip, even when Ryan asked if the mystery girl sitting in the crowd next to his father would be the lucky one. Fans will just have to wait and see who he takes. Maybe it’ll be the one holding the sign in the audience that dubbed him “The Voice.”

More Screams and Signs It’s pretty apparent that fans are starting to pick their favorite Idols, as definitive favorites can be read across the audience, as in “I heart Brooke White,” “We heart Michael Johns,” or “We Love You Carly.” But wait, the love spreads to the host and the judges as one fan proudly displayed a “Seacrest is Sexy” and “Simon is Awesome!” And “I heart you Paula.” But the biggest show of love can be heard not seen in the Idol audience. For instance, during on of the breaks, Jason Castro made the mistake of peeking his head out before going on, sending the female fans into an absolute frenzy — the same goes for rocker David Cook and Michael Johns. Maybe they’re going to have re-think that girl-filled pit, as an Idol could get pulled in and lost in that sea of love. –Jed DrebenF Micelotta/American Idol/Getty

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