Tuesday's 'Idol' : What You Didn't See

Photo: Courtesy FOX

Blondes Have More Fun Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White, both in sexy dresses for Mariah Carey night, gave lucky male fans in the back of the pit a real treat as they mixed in and greeted the guys while waiting to do their performance walk-up just before the show took a break.

David Sees the Signs When David Archuleta took the stage, the entire left side of the Idol bleachers came to life with signs. One read “Archuleta is Mobetta” and another one that has become popular night after night reads “Lick Those Lips.” One person even snuck in a bit of an endorsement with their sign that read “Making Archuleta an Idol — So Easy A Caveman Can Do It.”

Starry, Starry Night Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson, 10, spent the night in the front row just a few seats down from actress Minnie Driver. David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay can’t seem to get enough of Idol since being voted off — and their fans can’t seem to get enough of them! Before the show started, there was a line of audience members waiting to get autographs from each of them. They happily obliged, of course. ’80s sitcom star Dan Schneider (Head of the Class), also Executive Producer Nickelodeon’s iCarly, was in the audience, as was Miranda Cosgrove, the star of his show. Even The HillsWhitney Port, glowing with her long, blond hair, was there to support the Idols. Injured, But Not Out Producer Nigel Lythgoe, who spends just about every show off to the side of the stage watching the monitor and dancing up a storm (he judges FOX’s reality hit So You Think You Can Dance, after all) was taking it a little easier than usual tonight, as his right arm was covered in a blue cast. But this didn’t stop the judge from golf-clapping for the performers and making two trips over to say hello and chat with Teri Hatcher and her daughter during the breaks. Nor did it stop him from making sure the beautiful blonds, Brooke and Kristy Lee, received kisses that he blew to them as they walked off the stage after their performances (Brooke returned hers but Kristy Lee did not).

David’s Special Guest David Cook‘s brother Adam, 36, walked in 40 minutes before showtime Tuesday (accompanied by Cook’s mother), in town from Indiana to support for his younger brother. As David Cook stood on stage with his fellow Idols waiting for the live countdown and Ryan to utter those famous four words: “This is American Idol,” he paused to raise his arms in praise and point out to pal Carly Smithson just exactly where Adam was in the front row (sitting next to Teri Hatcher — a treat from the show’s producers, we expect). Carly lit up with her signature smile and happily waved hello. Not only did Adam stand up and clap along to Corey the warm-up guy’s pre-show shtick, he gave his brother a standing ovation after his amazing version of Mariah Carey‘s “Always Be My Baby.”

More Stuff You Didn’t See • A tardy Paula Abdul racing to her seat as the live show was starting, trying not to trip in that flowing purple dress in an attempt to get to her spot before Ryan Seacrest began introducing the judges.

Simon Cowell, who praised David Archuleta as the one to beat, making his way over during one of the breaks to chat with David’s father Jeff.

• Before Jason Castro closed the show, Cowell told an audience member with a sign to hold it up higher. Ryan, who saw the exchange, hopped, skipped and jumped over the judges’ table and right to the fan in the bleachers, grabbed the sign, which read “Simon for President,” and tore it in half and handed it to Simon, who held onto the torn “masterpiece” until after the show. –Jed DrebenCourtesy FOX

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