By People Staff
Updated October 03, 2007 12:00 AM

The Value of Dance Fever: Dance shoes: $85. Dallas Mavericks: $280 million. Advancing to week three of DWTS: “Priceless!” Mark Cuban exclaimed after Tuesday’s show. “This is something money can’t buy. It’s been so rewarding. I kind of resigned myself that we might be the ones to go home. I didn’t want to, but I thought we were next. We’ve got to get to work,” he said.

Next up for Cuban is the jive, and the fans are his motivator. “We’re not just dancing for ourselves,” he said. “We’re dancing for all those that got behind us. Every hip replacement patient for the last 20 years has emailed me, doctors, all the geeks in the world–I’m the geek of the week right now!” Weak in the Knees: Helio Castroneves might have been the bees’ knees when it came to his and partner Julianne Hough‘s show-stopping mambo on Monday night. But the two-time Indy 500 champ tells PEOPLE he’s feeling all out of sorts. “I swear to God, we were practicing yesterday and my knees were killing me. Now I’m going to start using knee pads so that definitely helps,” Castroneves said, noting that adrenaline helps the pain, too. “When you’re out there it comes so nice and you don’t even feel it.” And after that? “Oh, a nice massage helps everything. So far that’s what’s working so I’m not going to change a thing.”

Royal Welcome: Queen Latifah received a royal welcome from the audience, and she paid them back with quite a show. The actress-singer did something most guest performers on Dancing don’t do: She sang live … twice! A show source tells PEOPLE that Latifah insisted on performing live with Harold Wheeler and the band.