By People Staff
April 30, 2008 12:00 AM
Photos: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Jason’s Tootin’ His Own Horn It was the toot heard ’round the world–and given the play-by-play treatment on Tuesday’s results show. “I did it one time,” NFL stud Jason Taylor said of his on-air “vent.” Having fallen to second place behind Taylor, Kristi Yamaguchi voiced her concern: “We are behind him now, so the flatulence problem is an issue.” Pro Karina Smirnoff couldn’t help pointing out that Taylor’s extra “push” across the dancefloor might be a result of his paso gastro. “That’s why he is moving so well on the dancefloor, because he’s got a little extra gas in his tank,” she said.

Madre Didn’t Raise No Quitter Even with a busted wing, Cristian de la Fuente announced that he will forgo surgery and dance on. But it’s not just about hoisting that coveted disco-ball trophy. “One of the things that I wanted from this show is to make friends,” de la Fuente said, “And days like today, I got 10 calls from Steve Guttenberg, and Marlee Matlin is texting to see how you are, and Jason talking and worried about you, and Marissa, and Kristi … Those are that really cared, and you can tell that it’s honest.”

Be Afraid, Kenny and Jerry, Be Very Afraid Kristi Yamaguchi’s husband Bret Hedican has some ideas on how he’ll spend his NHL offseason. First on the list may be a visit to jokesters Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice, who called his wife a “robot” and “Yama-hoochie.” “Yeah, that Jerry ‘Slice’ guy”, the good-natured Hedican laughed, “Him or Kenny Mayne, one of the two, I might just have to drop the gloves with both of them.” Kristi’s response to Rice’s ribbing? “Hey, Jerry Rice,” she said after the show, “Nice glitter eyeshadow.”

More Stuff You Didn’t See: • Marlee Matlin back in the ballroom bobbing her head to Def Leppard, which caught host Tom Bergeron by surprise. He gave the actress a quizzical look, to which Matlin mouthed the words, “I can hear!” Bergeron mouthed back, “Now you tell me!”, as Matlin put her index finger to her lips in a conspiratorial “shhh!”

• Before the show started, Derek Hough grabbed a DWTS T-shirt from the crowd warmer and heaved it into the balcony. The person who caught it threw it right back down onto the dancefloor. A smiling, but perplexed Hough picked up the shirt and threw it back into the balcony, where it finally found a happy home.

• In case of emergency, break out Bruno Tonioli‘s patented “desk hump.” When Cristian went down on Monday’s show, the crowd warmer got Tonioli to hump the judges’ desk. Tuesday’s audience wasn’t about to go home disapointed: Tonioli splayed himself across the desk and pulled his knees to his head to give the balcony a prime view of his rear. –Reagan Alexander

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