Tuesday's Dancing: What You Didn't See

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Steve-O’s Got Fans, Yo: The charming and sometimes bashful Steve-O knows his fans are saving him from elimination. Before the results show kicked off, he walked out to greet his guest and former Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville. The minute he appeared from behind the curtain, a swell of applause and cheers for Steve-O took over the room. Surprised, he waved to fans and ran backstage.

Thank-You Note: Disney cutie Demi Lovato, who tweeted about her performance leading up to the show, sang her hit “La La Land,” who received a standing ovation. During a break, she grabbed the mic and told the audience: “Thank you so much for having me. I just wanted to say thank you.”

Musical Stairs: At the end of the show, it’s customary for the dancers and their partners to line up along the staircase while the elimination is announced. But the dancers and their partners did a sudden switcheroo. Melissa Rycroft stood next to Chuck Wicks, Derek Hough was by Shawn Johnson’s side, Mark Ballas and Lil’ Kim paired up, and Tony Dovolani and Julianne Hough stood side-by-side. “It was Derek’s idea,” Mark Ballas revealed. “All Derek’s idea and Tony’s.” Shawn, dressed in her sweet white ball gown, added innocently, “Not us. We’re angels.” Ballroom Buss Stop: Everyone was sad to see David Alan Grier eliminated from the competition. The dancers took turns wishing him luck and telling him he did a good job. Grier’s fellow competitor and dance-off contestant Lawrence Taylor managed to wade through the crowd and give him a big man hug and kiss on the cheek before leaving the show.

Now That’s a Performance: Etta James’s velvety voice and soulful rendition of her hit “At Last” stopped everyone, including the dancers, in their tracks. The pros, who normally mill about during the pre-taped performances, all looked for a monitor to watch the replay. Even the audience members quietly watched the performance again. That was after they gave her not one or two, but three standing ovations. –Elaine Aradillas

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

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