Tuesday's Dancing: What You Didn't See

Photo: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Emotional Roller Coaster: While Bachelor star Melissa Rycroft stood in the spotlight with partner Tony Dovolani and nervously waited to find out if she was going home, her mother could hardly breathe as she waited for the results. Rycroft ran to her family and hugged her mother as soon as the show ended. Afterward, Rycroft said this elimination night was very emotional. “We were backstage and I was apologizing to Tony,” she said. “I felt a lot of responsibility as to why we were up there.”

Country Quartet: Throughout the season, country stars Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough were often spotted chatting it up with rodeo champ Ty Murray and wife Jewel. In fact, Wicks tweeted about their recent brunch date and even posted a pic. Turns out, the foursome go way back. “Jewel and Chuck and Julianne and Brad Paisley did 60 concert dates together. We became friends before this show started,” said Murray. So what is he going to miss most now that his fellow down-home pal was sent home? “Chuck’s a funny guy and he’s got a funny sense of humor,” said Murray. “We’re going to miss him cracking jokes in the red room every night.”

Mr. Congeniality: If applause and squeals are any indication of popularity, Gilles Marini is winning the contest. Before the show started, ladies crowded around the Sex and the City hottie and cheered loudly. Gilles emerged from the crowd and headed toward an empty chair. “Where’s my wife,” he asked. He left without finding her, but he didn’t stay away for long. Following the show, he returned to announce details about the Ballas Hough Band performance and Tom Bergeron’s book signing. Then he told the crowd he needed to go kiss his wife. The audience roared with approval.

Out with the Claws: As Lil’ Kim stood on the judges’ table waiting for Team Tango to give an encore performance, the judges couldn’t resist clawing at her. Literally. All three judges playfully teased the rapper, pawing at her flowing gown. But as soon as the music started, Lil’ Kim was all business.

Snap Happy: Jewel pulled out her camera phone and took pictures of host Tom Bergeron, who stopped by to say hello during a commercial break. Later, she took a photo of husband Ty Murray before Bergeron announced he was safe for another week. But there were no snapshots of judge Len Goodman, who quipped that the rodeo champ should’ve hit the trail after Monday night’s performance. But to the judge’s credit, he said he was wrong and asked, “What do I know?” Jewel emphatically responded, “That’s right!” –Elaine Aradillas

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