Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC (2)

Ready to Rumble: Before Chuck Liddell was asked to give a repeat performance of Monday night’s samba for Tuesday’s encore presentation, he was spotted jumping up and down and slapping his legs. “It’s something always do,” the UFC fighting champ says. “It wakes up my legs … It gets my adrenaline going and then slows it down a little bit.”

Bipartisan Partner: Cheryl Burke, who wore the Democrat’s donkey on her dress for Monday night’s performance, says her Republican dance partner, who had to quit due to injury, is a great guy. “He’s a normal man and he cares about everything. He’s so caring. He’s so loving. He’s the grandpa you never had, or you always want to be with.” She thinks DeLay won over some new fans when she realized they weren’t in the bottom two. “People are really behind him. They love him. He gained Democrats’ votes, as well.”

Going Back to Texas? Chelsie Hightower and her dance partner Louis Vito are preparing to learn the Texas two-step for next week’s competition. But Chelsie, who spent some time in Texas last season with partner Ty Murray, may be headed back to her old stomping grounds for some pointers. “Tune in,” says Hightower. “It definitely might happen. We’re trying to make us going to Texas work. We don’t know if it’s going t o happen, but fingers crossed.”

Tee Time: During the commercial breaks, fans of the show — including Christian Slater — squealed for a Dancing wiith the Stars T-shirt. Slater, who clapped throughout the performance, is starring on ABC’s The Forgotten. As soon as he was given the shirt, he immediately threw it to a woman in the audience who hadn’t been so lucky. Awww.

Anything Can Happen: Joanna Krupa showed a surprised look when she and her partner Derek Hough were told they weren’t safe from elimination on Tuesday night — even though their scored ranked them high on the leader-board. Hough immediately hugged and comforted her as they walked backstage. “I was surprised in a way because we were doing good, but I wasn’t surprised because my fan base may not be as high as some of the other celebrities. So it really wasn’t a great feeling and I hope it never happens again, unless you guys want me to have a heart attack.” –Elaine AradillasAdam Larkey/ABC (2)