Tuesday's Dancing: What You Didn't See

Photo: Photo: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; Heather Forcier/AP

Jason: Feathered Dolphin After being called a rooster, a feather duster and, most recently, a “mighty Swan,” Jason Taylor seems perplexed by the judges’ repeated desire to compare the Dolphins linebacker to some sort of fowl — even saying it was making him “uncomfortable.” But if it means keeping pace with Kristi Yamaguchi, Taylor has a fine-feathered choice for his next dance. “Hopefully an eagle,” he said with a laugh, “They’re the ultimate leaders, they fly alone, they don’t travel in packs.”

Everybody Loves Adam Adam Carolla may have started out the season by calling judge Carrie Ann Inaba the b-word, but it was obvious that the talk-show host had won over the cast. After being booted Tuesday night, he was greeted with a hug from audience member Lucy Lawless. The judges then made their way down, with Bruno Tonioli giving a handshake and a hug, Len Goodman offering a shoulder slap and Carrie Ann bestowing a kiss on the cheek. Host Samantha Harris even insisted on having her stylist take a photo of herself and Carolla. As cast and crew congregated, more than one tear was wept.

Kristi’s Power Play? Kristi Yamaguchi has always had a fan club in the DWTS crowd, with mom Carol and her sister taking up a pair of front-row seats. But fellow dancers beware: Her hockey star husband Bret Hedican is about to get in on the action, too, now that the Carolina Hurricanes season is over. “It feels great”, a smiling Kristi said, “because it’s kind of been lonely here.” But it means he’ll also get a closer view of her ever steamier dance routines with partner Mark Ballas. “He understands,” the gold medalist said, adding that it’s just like her performances with figure skaters Scott Hamilton or Kurt Browning. “But notice that he’s here, and sitting in the front row.”

Spouse vs. Spouse Hedican already is fitting right in with the Dancing crowd. Sitting across the dancefloor from Jason Taylor’s wife Katina, he engaged in a friendly contest of “Who Can Cheer Louder for Their Spouse?” And the winner? Hedican, who stole the show just like his wife has been, riling up the pro-Yamaguchi crowd.

Derek Snaps Back Derek Hough showed no signs of his neck injury, dancing onstage with pal Mark Ballas to “Funkytown.” Hough even re-enacted his neck injury for host Tom Bergeron during an extended break, while receiving a kiss on the cheek from partner Shannon Elizabeth. Childhood pals Derek and Mark then moved on to their gig at the Hotel Cafe, where they were set to play under their band name Almost Amy.

More Stuff You Didn’t See • When the tape of Priscilla Presley stating, “I like the feeling of both my legs of the floor” was replayed, judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba practically died of laughter in their seats, with Bruno slapping the judges’ desk and giving Carrie Ann a sly wink.

• During a break, a playful Mark Ballas gave Mel B. hubby Stephen Belafonte a playful karate-kick in the rear. Belafonte in turn playfully hugged the dancer.

• One break had an audience member singing along to the lyrics of “Rapper’s Delight.” As the crowd cheered him on, Carrie Ann — who had rocked out to Sheryl Crow earlier — silently mouthed the entire set of lyrics to herself. –Reagan Alexander

More ‘What You Didn’t See’: Monday Night’s ShowPhoto: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; Heather Forcier/AP

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