Adam Larkey/ABC
March 31, 2010 12:00 AM

BIGGEST LOSER: Dancing has whittled down the figure of female celebs, from Jennie Garth to Kelly Osbourne — but so far season 10’s biggest loser is none other than the chiseled Jake Pavelka, who has lost 11 lbs. “I didn’t have any weight to lose,” marvels the former Bachelor, who went from weighing 184 lbs. to 173. “It’s probably muscle mass!” But fianc e Vienna Girardi need not worry: He’s eating 3,800 calories a day to keep his weight where it is now, including a thousand-calorie shake first thing in the morning. “It’s oatmeal, egg whites, blueberries, protein, and dirt,” jokes dancing partner Chelsie Hightower. “It’s the nastiest thing I’ve seen in my life!” Niecy Nash is also working hard to make sure she doesn’t slim down. “I want to keep my jiggly bits,” she says.

CHAD PLUS CHERYL: Chad Ochocinco flirted up a storm with Cheryl Burke long after the cameras turned off following Tuesday’s shocking elimination. Are they just flirty, or falling for each other? Burke mulled the virtues of the pairing, saying, “Dancing is sensual and intimate, you can’t fake that. You either have it, or you don’t. Quipped Ochocinco, “I don’t talk back, and that’s a good thing. We’re preparing ourselves for marriage.” But Burke isn’t on board just yet. “You can’t take him seriously. He should have a dating show after this,” she says, “which I will not be a part of.”

PACKING LIGHT: Niecy Nash made a superstitious move Tuesday night that could have proved very, very daring. “They tell us to pack a change of clothes in case we get kicked off, to wear on to Jimmy Kimmel,” she said after the show. “All I brought was underwear! I’m sure he’s a fantastic man, but I didn’t want to see Jimmy Kimmel tonight.” But the comedian says that even though she knew she and partner Louis Van Amstel were safe early on, “I got nervous for everybody else. Pam was shaking like a leaf, and Kate Gosselin looked like she was going to throw up! I was happy I lived to dance another dance, but I was nervous for them.”

PAM’S CLOSE CALL: After delivering a strong performance of the foxtrot with Damian Whitewood Monday, Pamela Anderson spent the entire hour-long broadcast knowing that she was in the bottom two — and by the end, she was worse for the wear. “That was high drama,” she remarked as she let her hair down after the show wrapped. “I’m destroyed! I don’t think anyone wants to go.” So what’s their strategy for hanging on next week, when they will perform the highly physical paso doble? “We have the motivation to do better. This was good preparation,” says Whitewood. Adds Anderson, “One of our strong points is that we have good chemistry, and we trust each other.”

LESSON LEARNED: After re-living their rehearsal-room tiff on national television Monday night, Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani said they bonded Tuesday over the tension of thinking they might be eliminated — and watching the show’s segment on the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti. “We both said we just want to go home and hug our kids,” says Kate. Her partner agreed: “It put everything in perspective. What argument? We grew from it, and we’re better friends.” Perspective aside, Gosselin was still recovering from nerves an hour after the show had wrapped. “I’ve never experienced anything like it,” she says. “It goes you don’t realize how valuable anything is until it’s almost taken away.”

LIFE’S A BEACH: It was rumored that John Stamos would be on Dancing this season, and he was — but as a member of the Beach Boys, rather than a competitor. The actor, who plays drums with the band, says, “This is the perfect way for me to be on the show. I get to be here, but I don’t have to dance.” With the band prepping for a 50th anniversary tour, Stamos is celebrating 25 years of working with them. “If you had a dream, and it kept happening for 25 years, that’s what it’s been like,” he says. “A 25-year-long dream come true.” But Mike Love says fans can keep dreaming if they think one of the band members would ever compete on the show. “If I could do the mashed potatoes, I could be a competitor,” he joked. “We’re not known for our twinkle toes.” –Lisa IngrassiaAdam Larkey/ABC

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