June 11, 2012 10:20 AM

True Blood is back. And the witches are not!

HBO’s supernatural hit returned Sunday night with its season 5 premiere, and probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind was, “Is Tara alive?”

Well to find out, fans had to wait until the end of the hour-long episode, which picked up right where season 4 left off – literally.

Keep reading if you’re not afraid of spoilers …

Debbie Pelt’s attempt to shoot Sookie failed in the season 4 finale when Tara jumped in front of the gun and took a bullet for her friend. This is where season 5 begins: As Tara lay dying in the kitchen, Pam shows up looking to apologize to her maker Eric. After Sookie and a grieving Lafayette beg Pam to make Tara into a vampire as the only way to save her, Eric’s progeny reluctantly agrees and they bury both women in the backyard.

Meanwhile, having done away with Nan Flanagan, Eric and Bill are captured with silver nets by agents of the mysterious Authority. Luckily for the vampires, their captor turns out to be Eric’s sister Nora, who’s a double agent. After having sex with her brother, Nora takes them to her allies, who provide both with new identities.

Shifter Sam has been taken by werewolf Marcus’s pack, who are looking for their leader. They’re torturing the bar owner when Alcide shows up and tells them he killed Marcus – and that he deserved it. He also has some news for Sookie: Russell Edgington is still alive.

After being glamored by Rev. Steve Newlin, who is back, gay and a vampire, Jason is saved by his new love Jessica. The two aren’t taking their relationship to the next level because she just broke up with Jason’s former best friend Hoyt, but they’re running in the same circles – and end up at a sorority party together playing drinking games.

As Sookie and Lafayette wait and watch the shallow grave, where they buried Tara and Pam, for any signs of the undead, finally Pam emerges from the ground in her dirty yellow sweatsuit. But there’s no sign of Tara until Sookie uncovers her friend who appears totally lifeless. But then Tara jumps out and bites Sookie, who suddenly has a new vampire trashing her kitchen.

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