Anna Paquin Knows Stephen Moyer's Sex-Scene Boundaries

"There's no feeling like, 'Can I touch him here? Can I touch him there?'" says the True Blood star

Photo: Courtesy V Magazine

Sometimes Anna Paquin‘s most intimate moments with husband Stephen Moyer aren’t so intimate. Like when there’s a camera crew filming them.

“Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people? But it’s really not,” the True Blood star tells V Magazine of her steamy scenes on the HBO vampire series with her character’s lover, played by Moyer.

“When it’s a love scene with someone you actually love, there’s no feeling like, ‘Can I touch him here? Can I touch him there?’ You know what your boundaries are – or what they aren’t, I suppose.”

Boundaries don’t seem to be an issue for the New Zealand-raised actress, 28, who tied the knot with Moyer, 41, in August 2010. “There’s probably something wrong with me, but I find it amusing to watch these men and women fawn all over [Moyer],” she says. “It’s not like anyone’s really trying to do anything inappropriate. They just want him to hug them … or bite them.”

Talking about sexuality isn’t an issue, either. In 2010, the actress revealed that she was bisexual in a PSA campaign for Give a Damn, which featured celebrities speaking out for equality.

“Frankly, no one had ever asked me before. My sexuality is something I’m completely comfortable with and open about,” she says. “Who people choose to sleep with – or spend their lives with – shouldn’t matter.”

But the fang-loving fan base of True Blood might disagree, at least when it comes to whom her character, clever and clairvoyant Sookie Stackhouse, is hooking up with – and who is trying to harm her.

“Sookie is always in a state of distress,” she says. “It wouldn’t be True Blood if someone or something wasn’t trying to kill her.”

In the latest storyline, Sookie is balancing her Fairyland ties with life in Bon Temps, La., and her character’s newly discovered supernatural niche isn’t something she takes lightly – even if “the word ‘fairy’ still makes me laugh.”

“Sookie’s fairy-ness has obviously piqued the interest of the various supernatural creatures around her, which, for a while, put her in incredible danger, without her understanding why,” she says. “But she knows who she is now, what group she belongs to – whether that’s a good thing or not – and there’s power in that knowledge.”

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