"Everyone is respectful of each other's boundaries," the True Blood star says of filming the racy show

By Dahvi Shira
Updated December 01, 2020 10:06 PM
Credit: Courtesy Redbook

Some actors admit to awkward moments filming love scenes.

Anna Paquin is not one of them.

Although her husband and father of her baby-on-the-way, Stephen Moyer, 42, costars with her on True Blood, the actress has no qualms about filming sex scenes with fellow cast mate Alexander Skarsgard.

“We feel completely comfortable together,” Paquin, 29, tells Redbook in its August issue hitting newsstands July 10. “Steve and Alex are buddies. It’s nothing like, ‘Oh, hi, nice to meet you. Now take off your clothes and go into the fog.’ Everyone is respectful of each other’s boundaries … They’re all very gentlemanly about it.”

As for landing the coveted role of Sookie Stackhouse, the Oscar-winning actress had one simple method for acing her audition: “Fake it to make it.”

Says the star, “I went out and bought some incredibly short shorts and a push-up bra. … It’s not that I’m a prude, but I’m not a massive exhibitionist, either.”

Paquin, who calls herself her “hardest critic,” also shared a couple thoughts on shortly facing motherhood.

“I have a side that’s very nesty,” she says. “And another that thinks, ‘Let’s lock up the house and go away for five months.’ “