Trista Sutter Calls Husband Ryan Sutter Her 'Always and Forever': 'I Love You, I Love Us'

“You are my safe space, my happy place, and every love cliche ever spoken,” the Bachelor Nation star wrote

Trista and Ryan Sutter
Ryan and Trista Sutter. Photo: Presley Ann/Getty

Trista Sutter showed some love for her husband Ryan Sutter in honor of Valentine's Day over the weekend.

The former Bachelor star shared a heartfelt note to Ryan on her Instagram page alongside a smiling selfie of the couple, who wed in 2003.

"I may not show you just how much you mean to me as much as you deserve to feel it and I may get snippy when I'm tired or my overwhel-meter skyrockets, but my flaws are called flaws for a reason and don't discount my heart's true happiness in being yours," wrote Trista, 48.

"You are my safe space, my happy place, and every love cliche ever spoken...especially on Valentine's Day," she added. "I love love. I love you. I love us. Happy love day, my always and forever. 😘❤️

"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with…" Ryan, 46, captioned his own Feb. 14 post, which featured a picture of him sipping a cup of coffee. "Valentines morning with just me and my @beardedmancoffee ."

Ryan has been battling a mystery illness in recent months and opened up in December about no longer feeling "alone" in his struggle because of the support he has received from his family.

"Though I still believe there is tremendous value in a strong will and self-reliance, I realize now that sometimes those things are romantic excuses for stubbornness. Sometimes it is necessary to let others in, to ask for help and to accept it," wrote Ryan, who shares daughter Blakesley Grace, 11, and son Maxwell Alston, 13, with Trista.

He shared that his illness helped him realize that it was okay to ask for help and lean on the people around him, adding that Trista has developed a "medical strategy" to aid him.

"For me, health concerns brought on this realization, eventually forcing me to expose what I considered to be weakness," he wrote. "Once exposed however, weakness became opportunity. I was no longer alone in my struggle. My wife went on a mission, developing a medical strategy and path towards hopeful answers while at the same time leaving daily reminder notes to keep my spirits up. My family has rallied behind me, my friends have shown tremendous support and my colleagues a high degree of understanding and patience. For all of this I am grateful."

Trista first shared on Nov. 30 that her husband had been "struggling for months" with his health. Shortly after, Ryan detailed his symptoms in an Instagram post.

"Though I am functional and continue to work my regular fire schedule, I am experiencing a battery of symptoms which include: fatigue — sometimes almost paralyzing, deep body and muscle aches, fevers, night sweats, full body itching with no rash, headaches, neck and throat swelling, congestion, lightheadedness, nausea and just general all around not feeling good," he wrote on Dec. 1.

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