Trans Actress & 'Pose' Star Dominique Jackson Says a Man Tried to Rape Her While on Vacation in Aruba

Dominique Jackson, who is transgender, says she feared she would become a victim of the violence often faced by the trans community

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Pose star Dominique Jackson says a man tried to rape her while she was on vacation with her husband in Aruba.

Jackson, who is transgender, says she feared she would become a victim of the violence often faced by the trans community. The star detailed the alleged incident in a series of Instagram videos, which have since been deleted, on Sunday. It is not known whether Jackson or Instagram deleted the videos, which remain posted on fan sites and have stoked anger among many on social media.

In the videos, Jackson alleges that she and her husband, Al, were thrown out of the Barceló resort in Aruba after the man attempted to rape her and the police were called. She did not identify the man other than to say he was white.

The Aruba police did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for further details of the alleged incident. A representative for Jackson had no comment when contacted by PEOPLE. A representative for the hotel called her claims “highly inaccurate and inflammatory.”

“I got put out of my hotel room because I wouldn’t sleep with a white man on his vacation,” Jackson said in a video while apparently standing on the sidewalk outside of the hotel property.

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“We are supposed to be at the Barceló in Aruba and we just got put out of our hotel room because I said to the white man I would not sleep with him. It was not my thing to do and he got me put out. They had the cops, they had everything show up. They put us out of our room because I wouldn’t sleep with him. We’re in Aruba like stuck and I paid — it’s like $5,000 dollars for me to be able to have this vacation and they put me out of my room because the white man said, ‘She insulted me.’ I’m out on the street,” she said.

The FX star said in another video that because her husband was black, the police and hotel focused on him instead of the other man, who she says attacked her.

“And while they thought he was acting up, the white man that called the cops on him was f—ing trying to rape me! Was taking s— from me! And everybody’s looking at me like, ‘Oh, what are you going through?’ Yo, where your heads at? Like, people are getting away with s—.”

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In another video, the actress said, “Because when those cops showed up and that white man said, ‘Oh, well they were this and they were that,’ they did not even look at his back pocket! Because in his back pocket, he had my mother f—ing panties — after he ripped them off of me! If we don’t make it out of Aruba, I love y’all, thank you Mr. [Ryan] Murphy, I love you dearly.”

The actress added that she feared as she was trans, she was in real danger and she was also concerned as Aruba is where Natalie Holloway disappeared.

“I’m not trying to be overdramatic or anything like that,” Jackson explained. “But, as a transgender woman, I just know that sometimes we don’t make it out of places, right? And certain things don’t happen for us. But if I don’t make it out of Aruba today, I’m telling y’all point blank.”

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“Now I understand how Natalee [Holloway] disappeared in Aruba. Because you come out here and you think you’re having a good time and stuff like that, but the cops and everybody else, they’re not looking at you. They’re not trying to protect you or anything like that. That man was able to take something from me, take my panties and almost get my husband arrested because I said I did not want to sleep with him or suck his d—. This is f—ing ridiculous.”

In a statement, Barceló Aruba “confirms an incident took place on the evening of Sunday, June 24, 2018, involving American model/actress Dominique Jackson and her husband, who were guests of the hotel at the time.”

“Jackson initially posted a version of events on social media which, after a thorough investigation, was deemed highly inaccurate and inflammatory,” a representative for the hotel says. “The incident took place in a public area and numerous witnesses provided a detailed accounting of the altercation, including video documenting the incident, which showed aggressive actions by the actress’ husband which resulted in the injury of another guest.”

“The safety of guests and staff is Barceló Aruba’s biggest priority and as such, the couple that initiated the altercation were asked to leave the resort,” the statement continues. “The original allegations have since been deleted from her social media platforms.

Jackson and her husband were able to find another hotel that night and she said she planned to fly out Monday.

It was the couple’s first big trip together in 20 years.

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Tobago-born Jackson started her entertainment career in modeling and spent two decades in front of the cameras. She went on to star in Oxygen Chanel’s reality show, Strut, which was about the first all-transgender modeling agency.

Jackson’s big acting break came this year in Ryan Murphy‘s Pose in which she stars as Elektra Abundance, the fierce house mother of the House of Abundance.

The show features the largest cast of transgender actors ever assembled for a scripted series and tells the story of the rise of the ballroom scene in the 1980s in which groups of predominately LGBTQ dancers battled it out in elaborately-costumed dance-offs.

Pose airs Sundays on FX at 9 p.m. ET.

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