Get Ready for 'Transcendent' Season 2: 5 Things to Know About the Ladies of AsiaSF

Transcendent season 2 returns to Fuse on June 8

The ladies of Transcendent aren’t afraid to go there.

Fuse’s hit docu-series – documenting the struggles and triumphs of the trans women of color who work at San Francisco’s world-famous cabaret restaurant AsiaSF – is coming back with a bang for season 2. Get ready to follow Bionka, Nya, L.A., Xristina and Bambiana as they maneuver through their love lives, find success and are presented with a major opportunity by an influential neighbor.

Here are five things you need to know about two of Transcendent‘s finest, Nya and Bionka.

1. They have known they were trans almost since they could say the word “trans.”
“I knew I was trans at 6, but when I started transitioning it wasn’t until 16 or 17 when I started dibbling and dabbling in dressing up,” Bionka tells PEOPLE, adding she went into being trans wearing baggy clothes because she was “depressed” and “that was all my father would give to me because he had really good relationships with the people from Cross Colours.”

Nya, on the other hand, transitioned with pop culture: “I was wearing girls clothing in kindergarten and then I kind of went back and forth,” she says. “I went back to boys clothes because all the girls were wearing boys clothes – like TLC, MC Lyte, Aaliyah – so I was like, Well, I guess I’ll wear boy clothes.”

2. They thank Caitlyn Jenner, but still hope for “full acceptance.”
“Caitlyn definitely has opened the door to show what happens when someone from upper class America decides to transition, but I’ve seen a change happening in general,” says Bionka of the progress in the trans world since Jenner revealed her journey. “Just from being on Facebook and what not, the type of guys that hit me up now are these 18-, 19-, 21-year-old guys who know I’m trans and don’t care, and then you’re battling these 30-, 40-, 50-year-old guys that ask if I’ve had bottom surgery yet and don’t know if they could go there.”

She continues, “Just seeing how accepted you are from youth in general goes to show, and also shows how people who are older are set in their ways.”

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3. The cast will be making a special appearance at San Francisco Pride.
On June 25 and 26, the women of AsiaSF will be taking the San Francisco streets by storm as the celebrity Grand Marshals for SF’s Pride parade and festival. “We have five BMW convertibles and then we will be at the VIP party at City Hall,” says Nya.

4. Bionka was once homeless in San Francisco.
“Both Xristina and I were homeless and living in a shelter at one point,” Bionka says about moving from Los Angeles without a dime in her pocket. “I owe a lot to my trans sisters and people I surrounded myself with because at the time [I was transitioning], I was homeless and I was overcoming drug addiction.”

She continues, “I was around all these older trans women who were telling me it’s okay to be who you are, so being around them I felt comfortable transitioning.”

5. And she’s taking off with her newfound talent.
Bionka, who is also trained in modern dance, recently recorded her debut single, “Lift Mah Shirt.”

“This is a newfound talent,” she says. “I know nothing about music, so going in the studio was crazy. I have two songs down.”

After being named Miss Gay United States 2016 in May, she hopes to working in film and on Broadway, and she would someday love to be a professional stylist.

Season 2 of Transcendent premieres Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. ET on Fuse.

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