Tracy Morgan chatted with PEOPLE for this week's One Last Thing interview
70th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2018

Tracy Morgan is fearlessly himself.

The actor, who stars in the new romantic comedy What Men What, talked singing in the shower, cursing and his favorite on-set memorabilia when he chatted with PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

Last time I sang out loud

This morning in the shower. Some Marvin Gaye was in me. I sing in the shower and on the toilet bowl—then no one interrupts me.

Last time I was superstitious

Never believed in it. I’m a black cat myself. The black cat you should worry about ain’t on four legs, he’s on two. You don’t want me to cross you.

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Last thing I took from a set

A fish tank from 30 Rock. I love marine life. They knew that was gone. There was no need to do paperwork.

Last time I cursed

I curse often. It’s just language. See, I can say “motherf—–” right now; nothing happened. Nobody disappeared. That’s my favorite.

Last moment of bliss

When my daughter [Maven, 5] was born. I feel that way every day I see her. She ain’t ever leaving; I don’t care who she marries. I’ll tell her first boyfriend, “Listen, homey, I got a gun, I got a shovel, and I got an alibi.”