"I can't wait to make them laugh again," the recovering comedian says of his fans

By Tim Nudd
June 02, 2015 11:35 AM

All Tracy Morgan wants is to make people laugh. But sometimes, he admits, he’s not sure when it will happen.

“I love comedy, and I wonder how I’m going to be funny again. How I’m going to get to it,” the comedian, 46, said Tuesday in the second part of a Today interview, almost a year after his terrifying car accident.

As he did Monday in the first part of the interview, the 30 Rock star fought back tears as he described his hopes and fears for the future. And he made it clear that the support from fans has been amazing.

“The fans have let me know, ‘We can’t wait for you to come back,’ ” he said. “I can’t wait to make them laugh again.”

Morgan was badly hurt on June 7, 2014, when a Walmart tractor-trailer slammed into his limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike. A fellow comedian and friend of Morgan’s, James McNair, was killed in the accident.

Morgan was still not well enough by February to attend Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special. He was so devastated at missing it that he couldn’t even bring himself to watch it on TV – he had to be told by his manager about the tribute that Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin gave him on that broadcast.

“I just put my head down and started crying,” Morgan said when he heard about the tribute. “It was a lot for me. It was too much for me at that time.”

Morgan thanked his friends, family, doctors and nurses on Tuesday. And in particular, he thanked his fiancée Megan Wollover, who has been his rock throughout his ordeal.

“She’s right there. She stuck in there with me,” he said. “I can’t wait for us to get married in August. That is the cherry on top of the cake for me.”

Tracy Morgan Opens Up About 2014 Crash

Asked where her future husband is in his recovery, Wollover replied: “Well, he’s not 100 percent, but he came a long way pretty fast. It was a rough beginning. It didn’t look so great in the beginning, but he’s coming around and he’s going to be back.”