Tracy Morgan Tells PEOPLE, 'I'm Happy to Be Alive'

Still recovering from his horrific accident, the engaged star says, "I have a lot to look forward to"

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Tracy Morgan has come a long way in the year since a terrifying bus crash left him in critical condition in the hospital and fighting for his life.

But the star’s road to recovery is hardly over.

“I think I’m at 75 percent,” Morgan, 46, tells PEOPLE. “I have my good days and I have my bad days I just want to get better and become healthy.”

While the star has faced countless physical hurdles, including re-learning how to walk, sit and stand, he continues to grapple with the cognitive effects of traumatic brain injuries.

“Sometimes I feel a little off, I might forget things,” says Morgan, who spends most days in speech and physical therapy as well as time with a psychologist. “My doctors tell me, my family tells me, ‘You are getting better,’ so that is the ray of hope and my inspiration.”

His ultimate incentive for getting back to his old self? His 23-month-old daughter Maven and fiancée Megan Wollover, whom Morgan calls “a champ.” “I want to walk my wife down the aisle,” he says. “I am determined to play with my little daughter and chase her around.”

“All of those things [are] what keeps me going.”

With an eye on the future, Morgan is grateful for all that he has. “I have a lot to look forward to: I look forward to [her] first day of school, I look forward to being married. I look forward to my son going to college this September,” says Morgan, who lost his friend comedian James McNair in the crash.

“I’m really happy,” he says. “I am happy to be alive.”

Tracy Morgan Opens Up About 2014 Crash

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