Nikki Bella Feels 'Hurt' and 'Pushed Out' by John Cena on 'Total Bellas'

Total Bellas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

Nikki Bella and John Cena are having some heavy heart-to-hearts on this week’s Total Bellas.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, the professional wrestling couple gets into a discussion about each other’s power of attorney after Bella, 33, decides that she wants her longtime partner and fiancé Cena, 40, to act as hers.

“I like the decisions you make,” she tells him. “And I know you’ll get it done.”

But Cena is more hesitant.

“Life is a very crazy thing, Nicole,” he warns her. “There are people who are like, ‘If I was ever in that situation, I would want you to pull the plug.’ But you don’t know, and you don’t know how valuable those seconds are.”

“If anything ever happened to me where I had to be put on life support, please unplug me,” she says.

“You say that now, but you don’t know,” Cena repeats.

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But Bella insists she’s made up her mind.

“No, I do know. I’m telling you — I don’t want to be a vegetable,” she says. “I’ll write all this stuff down for you. If the doctor comes in and I have this incredible chance, maybe keep me there for like, a week, but…”

At that point, Cena tells her he doesn’t think he can take on the responsibility.

“I think it’s because you don’t want to let me go,” she says — before asking him who he’s chosen to act as his own power of attorney. But Cena refuses to tell her, repeating that it’s “confidential information.”

“But I’m your girl,” she says. “That’s like, keeping a secret from me.”

“Well, good,” she adds on second thought. “I’m happy it’s not me — kind of. I want to be number two.”

“You’re not even on the list,” Cena says. “I wouldn’t take that as being offensive. I just told you I don’t want the burden of making that decision for you, so I used the same thought process in making [my] decision.”

Bella, clearly upset, tells her beau that she “would want to make that decision” for him.

“I would hate to be pushed out and to have no decision about your life,” she tells him. “Especially when you’re my man.”

“I’m just not going to leave it up to you,” Cena replies. “I’m sorry your feelings are hurt, it’s not my intention.”

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Bella confesses that the whole situation is bringing up even deeper feelings.

“I guess it just always goes back to marriage and all that stuff,” she says. “It always makes me continue to feel like a girlfriend than anything else. These are big decisions in your life, and I’m not even number two.”

“We share a life together!” she says during a confessional later. “I understand I’m not his wife, but I feel that if I’m not the power of attorney, I should know who is because John is my everything. He’s my world. I feel as if this has taken us a few steps back instead of forward.”

Total Bellas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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