Brie Bella Gets Into a Heated Conversation with Her Mom After Reconnecting with Estranged Dad

Brie Bella catches her mom off guard when she reveals she's spent time with her estranged father

Brie Bella is at odds with her mom.

In a sneak peek at Thursday’s episode of Total Bellas, Brie finds herself in a heated conversation with mom Kathy Laurinaitis after learning she’s spent time with her estranged father.

When Nikki Bella says she’s reconnecting her dad, Jon Garcia, after not seeing him for “five years,” Brie admits she’s seen their father at least twice in the past year — which comes as a surprise to her mother.

“Wow, you never even said anything,” says Laurinaitis, clearly taken aback.

Brie Bella
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In a confessional interview, Brie, 36, says her husband Daniel Bryan encouraged her to reconcile with her dad after losing his own.

“I’ve been in the process of rebuilding a relationship with my father. For a long time, we’d go on and off. And it really took my husband to be like, ‘Brie, if my dad was still alive, I’d do anything in the world to text him. You’re lucky you have that,'” Brie explains. “I don’t want to hang onto anger. I don’t want to keep thinking about the past. I just want to let go. But I didn’t tell my mom because I knew it would hurt her.”

And while Nikki, 36, says she was aware of Brie’s meetings with their dad, she wasn’t expecting her sister to make such a revelation.

“I knew the few times that Brie talked to my dad and I was always so supportive,” Nikki says. “But I’m a little shocked because I did not think she was going to tell my mom.”

Things quickly escalate when Brie adds that she even told their grandmother about the situation.

“Wow, that’s gonna be another conversation,” a betrayed Laurinaitis responds.

“I’m your mother!” she adds. “Bull—-!”

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