By Patrick Gomez
September 05, 2011 10:00 AM
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Power in the Big Brother house came down to doughnuts Sunday – but there was nothing sweet about nominations this week.

Adam and Rachel were “neck and neck” in the confection-themed Head of Household competition before Rachel pulled it out “for Brendon … and for Jeff … and me and Jordan.”

So with the veterans in power, the newbies knew they were on the chopping block.

“Right now I’m bummed,” Porsche said after Rachel’s win. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m put on the block this week.”

“I feel like I’m in a nightmare,” Kalia said. “Rachel is in power this week and I need to make a deal.”

And while Rachel said, “I don’t think I could make a deal with Kalia, I think she would vote me out next week,” it did not stop Kalia from trying – and it seemed like it was working.

“I want to play with a competitor,” Rachel told Kalia. “I think it is a travesty that Brendon, Daniele and Jeff are in the jury house.”

So Kalia attempted to make a final three deal with Rachel and Jordan.

“If Porsche ends up being collateral damage then sorry,” Kalia said of her alliance member.

But Porsche wasn’t going down without a fight.

“If you take me to final three, I can take you,” Porsche told Rachel before confessing to the cameras, “Obviously if I’m HoH, Rachel is going on the block.”

And so, going in to the nominations, Rachel said, “I need to make sure that whoever stays in the house this week is on team Rachel to the final three.”

But first, there was another Pandora’s Box.

“I’m scared because it could change the game,” Rachel said before opening the door, revealing Tori Spelling in to the house where she was locked in a room with a former Big Brother contestant, the “pec-tacular” Jessie.

After a shopping spree with Spelling – Adam’s favorite celebrity – Rachel was released back into the house with a hard decision to make. In the end, she nominated Kalia and Porsche.

“There’s a veto to win and if you can compete and win that veto then pull yourself off the block,” Rachel told the nominees. “Good luck and may the best man win – or woman.”