January 30, 2018 08:58 PM

Tori Roloff is so glad she gave her husband Zach a chance.

The Little People, Big World star, who has been married for two-and-a-half years, opened up about her love story in a sweet Instagram post on Sunday and encouraged her followers to look beyond physical qualities when it comes to finding romance.

“So I was wandering target… as I do… when I heard a man say to his wife ‘well at least I’m taller than you.’ And the wife responded with ‘well I would hope so.’ Some of us just have the idea of beauty and love so backwards,” Tori began her caption, which she wrote alongside a photo from her wedding day.

“It doesn’t come from outward appearances but rather from inner beauty,” she said. “I don’t love Zach because of how he looks (although he is quite handsome if I do say so myself) but rather what things weigh on his heart.”

Tori Roloff/Instagram

“It doesn’t matter to me that I’m taller than my husband,” Tori said about Zach, who has achondroplasia — the most common form of dwarfism.

She shared that being taller than Zach “gives me an excuse to never wear heels. Ever.”

“I can’t imagine my life if I had never given my husband a chance because he was shorter than me,” said Tori. “Love people because of their minds. Not their bodies,” she concluded. “#kthanksbye #mydailythought #storyofzachandtori.”

Last May, the couple welcomed their first child, son Jackson Kyle, and opened up to PEOPLE about their “unique” love story.

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Tori had worked on the Roloff’s farm and spent the 2010 pumpkin season picking squash with Zach, his parents Matt and Amy — who both have forms of dwarfism like Zach — his twin brother and two younger siblings, who are each average height.

“A coworker told me, ‘Zachary really thinks you’re cute, but doesn’t think you’ll ever go out with him,’ ” said Tori. ”Our first date lasted five hours, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Following their more than yearlong engagement, the pair wed in July 2015 outside on the Roloff family farm.

“Tori brought me out of my shell and made me more social,” said Zach. “She gave me confidence.”

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