'Top Model' 's Best Makeovers

Photo: George E. Holz /The CW (2)

Pull out your shears and hair dye — it’s makeover time on Top Model! On this week’s episode the girls got some much-needed updates to their ‘dos and modeled their new looks in a sexy shoot, wearing lingerie from Elle Macpherson‘s line, Elle Macpherson Intimates. In the end, it came down to Allison and Dominique in the bottom two, but even with Dom’s aging soccer mom hairstyle, Allison ultimately got the boot for being too arrogant. Meanwhile, Marvita and Claire (pictured right) turned it out in their photo shoots and came back with two of the best pictures in the bunch.

But as every Top Model watcher knows, the makeover episodes are all about the transformations — and the drama that follows. Fatima, a weave virgin, got Rapunzel-like hair woven into her own, which caused her more than a little pain. There were some hair don’ts (Anya‘s platinum grandma hair and Dominique’s dull ‘do), but overall, most of the girls were very much improved. Good job, Tyra!

Here are some of our favorites:

Aimee: Her fiery red locks have finally made us take notice of the seemingly shy 18-year-old, who already seems like a front-runner in the judges’ eyes.

Allison: It’s amazing what a little lightening can do. Her auburn-colored hair brings out a softer and self-proclaimed “less cynical” side, but too bad for Allison: The makeover episode was her last.

Stacy-Ann: Anything to make this squealing girly-girl look edgy is welcome. Her new spiky crop draws attention to her fabulous bone structure and temporarily makes us forget her voice (and striptease from the first episode).

Lauren: The brighter color and conditioning gives Lauren’s hair a healthy glow. We just hope they don’t turn the token outcast into a Barbie doll.

Fatima: We’ve got to give the girl credit for making it through her first weave. Tears were shed, but her long hair makes her a spitting image of the model Iman, and that is not a bad thing. –Archana RamGeorge E. Holz /The CW (2)

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