'Top Model' : The Golden Rules

Photo: Trevor O'Shana/Pottle Productions Inc.

In the modeling world, it’s eat or be eaten, which was also the best way to sum up this week’s Top Model episode. For their photo shoot, the girls headed to New York’s Meatpacking District to pose alongside slabs of meat. Gross? Not as gross as wearing meat, which the girls also did. Lauren had a strong photo but Anya came out on top and even though Amis‘s picture wasn’t the worst, she was sent home for a her slacker attitude, sloppy form and altogether disheveled look.

At panel, Tyra questioned Amis’s laissez-faire attitude, asked her if she really wanted to be there and said she should’ve known better than to dress poorly at panel.

Sound familiar? Tyra’s critique isn’t new. In fact, there were several moments from the episode when the cycle 10 girls displayed poor knowledge of the competition. Had they been watching the previous nine cycles, they would know the following golden truths of Top Model:

Never go against Ms. Jay. Fatima chose to wear her own shoes, not the firemen shoes, like Ms. Jay had asked for, during runway practice at the firehouse.

At least pretend to know how to strut. Amis skipped (skipped!) during her runway walk because it made her “feel good.”

The modeling world is a pressure cooker. During the photo shoot Fatima said she doesn’t work well under pressure.

Always listen to a photographer’s critiques. Fatima admitted that she wasn’t listening to some of the photographer’s suggestions, which earned her some Paulina sass at panel.

Dress for panel like you’re dressing for the runway. Amis’s headband and scraggly hair was a recipe for elimination. May we suggest hairbrushes as the next challenge prize? –Archana RamTrevor O’Shana/Pottle Productions Inc.

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