'Top Model' : Stacy Ann Goes Home, Fatima Goes to Rome

Photo: William Hueberger/CW

With just seven girls left, the Top Model contestants realized Wednesday that the competition is getting tougher — especially since the last week’s eliminated contestant, Claire, seemed like a front-runner. To make things even more challenging, the girls had to show off their conversation and networking skills at a 7-Up green carpet event. Dressed in gorgeous Jay Godfrey dresses, most of the girls did a fine job of mingling with VIPs. But Dominique made the biggest flub of all when she told The Insider‘s Lara Spencer that she was wearing a Jay Giorgio dress. Oops! In the end, though, Anya, who was confident but not fake, won the challenge and with it, a $10,000 ad campaign from 7-Up.

But there were bigger things on the minds of the models — namely, are they going abroad yet? It seemed so when the annoying ticker Tyra Mail told the girls to pack their bags. But the ladies were sorely disappointed after staying up all night packing for an unknown destination only to find out that their luggage was just to be used as props for a photo shoot on the tarmac of an airport.

Their mission was to stand out in a group shot that had the ladies rushing to board a plane. Well, one of them definitely didn’t make the flight. Fatima missed the shoot completely to fetch her travel documents (she is not a U.S. citizen and had lost her documents). While Anya stood out again — this time in the photo (pictured) — Fatima’s lack of one pushed her to the bottom two along with Stacy Ann, who was ultimately sent home because her “body of work” wasn’t as strong as Fatima’s. Well, good thing Fatima got her documents, because Tyra had one more surprise for the girls: they’re going to Rome for the rest of the cycle. –Archana Ram

Tell us: Was it fair to send Stacy Ann home when Fatima missed the shoot? Does Fatima deserve to go to Rome?William Hueberger/CW

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