'Top Model' Returns, Goes All Crazy

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America’s Next Top Model may be moving to New York City this season, but it seems like the show made a pit stop in crazy town for its season premiere. On last night’s episode, the model-wannabes did their best to show their wackiness for Tyra Banks and co. at “Top Model Prep,” where they struck their best poses and strutted their fiercest runway walks in hopes of becoming one of the final 14. But more so than other cycles, the girls were all sorts of eccentric.

We should’ve known things were going to get loopy when past Top Model contestants like Cycle 6’s Furonda and Cycle 7 twins Amanda and Michelle showed up as cheerleaders at Top Model Prep’s pep rally. If that didn’t clue us in, perhaps Tyra dressed as a sobbing prom queen did. Here are our top five crazy moments of the night:

5. Claire, a 24-year-old mom, says she’s been missing her daughter during Top Model, especially since she’s breastfeeding, and then explains that she drinks her pumped breast milk herself.

4. Boston native Jenna tells Tyra she wants to “put some 22’s on that b***h,” referring to her Chevy Impala.

3. In the middle of what seems like an impromptu dance party in the girls’ room, Amis asks, “You guys wanna check out my pubic hair?”

2. When Fatima‘s calls Shaya “ghetto” (not in the good way, Shaya points out), all hell breaks loose in one of the earliest catfights in the show’s history.

1. We’re not sure what was worse (so it’s a tie for the number one spot): Kim not understanding Tyra’s question about stealing money from her bank job or Stacy-Ann giving Jay Manuel a lap dance.

We’ll be watching this season to see how they “top” themselves.–Archana Ram

Tell us: What was your favorite crazy moment of the night?CW/Jim DeYonker /Landov>

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