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November 06, 2008 12:00 AM

The models of ANTM were swept off their feet on Wednesday’s episode as the girls faced the inevitable “go-see” challenge — part interview, part walk off, part scavenger hunt.

Since Amsterdam is a “water town,” the girls were to be transported by water taxi (complete with super-dreamy Dutch drivers). As always, they’re told they have until 5 p.m., ON THE DOT, to make it back from seeing their clients in order to prove to Tyra Banks that they are “Bankable.”

Shaky, fidgety, woe-is-me Marjorie was, naturally, frazzled from the start. Making matters worse, she had no sense of direction. While the girls were booking runways, she was running around in circles. She skipped her first designer because she was so hopelessly lost. This size zero clearly had zero street smarts.

Though she’s not considered a conventionally gorgeous girl, Analeigh‘s soft, sweet personality was so enchanting it actually enhanced her beauty. The designers liked her, even though she tried a little too hard.

Sam bopped around, kissing the designers cheek-to-cheek, exuding awesome energy. Unfortunately, the blond, bodacious cheerleader thing was too commercial for such a sophisticated fashion center like Amsterdam. She was rejected a few times, yet she never let ’em see her sweat.

Speaking of sweat, Elina was practically thrown out of one designer’s showroom for being too hot ‘n sticky. She had been running around like a maniac and the designer seemed, well, disgusted. Someone else shunned her tattoos, as well. (Fast forward to Tyra, who said Elina’s long nails were a major no-no.) Maybe the evil Elina was getting what she deserved.

McKey was still moving up in the competition. From bikini to ball-gown, she was radiant. Designers enjoyed her personal style and her pleasant disposition. It was obvious that she’ was going to win the challenge — until she looked at the time! Her carefree frolicking cost her in the end and the most-likely-to-become-the-next-Top-Model missed the mark when she showed up five minutes late. The judges dismiss her immediately.

Her loss was Analeigh’s gain. Analeigh won for being beautiful AND bankable!

Up next, the girls competed in a photo shoot by Tyra herself. She wanted to juxtapose two images of the models: clean face vs. glam face.

Sam’s clean shot was sensational. Her almost-androgynous image had Nigel screaming that she could be a Calvin Klein model. Her glam shot was also extraordinary. Tyra said Sam really soars when being “theatrical.”

Marjorie’s natural shot was good but working with her was a headache. She was so intimidated by Tyra that the shoot wasn’t fun for anyone.

Analeigh looked okay without makeup, but she was simply not a natural beauty like the others. Her face only popped with color and dramatics, but her look was upgraded significantly in the glam shot.

Elina had a tough time with Tyra because of her usual uptight stance. She couldn’t even stand casually in her clean shot. Her stiff persona made it difficult to shoot something that was supposed to look effortless. The glam shot wasn’t as strenuous, but Elina’s aura was off, as always.

McKey’s perfect poses and extraordinary appearance pleased Tyra. “She can model,” marveled Mister Jay. Tyra suggested some funky eye makeup that made McKey look more like the Joker than Giselle — yet she still looked sensational somehow.

The judges deliberated about Marjorie’s social misgivings and inability to book a single job on her go-sees. But they also couldn’t get over Elina’s ugly attitude and the fact that she’s 18 going on 48.

In the end, Samantha won for her super-cool Calvin-Klein-like photograph. And even though Elina had a “face that doesn’t come around often,” she was sent home. — Alyssa ShelaskyJim DeYonker/Pottle Productions/CWTV

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