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October 09, 2008 12:00 AM

Beauty took a backseat to charisma on Wednesday night’s ANTM as the eight remaining contestants had “signature pose” lessons with Tyra Banks — and later practiced their new moves at an awards show-themed shoot.

While the judges found Marjorie‘s awkward disposition endearing (at last!), Lauren Brie‘s blah-factor deemed her to be as vanilla as her skin tone and she was eventually sent home. Sheena‘s “hoochie-ness” was slightly less off-putting — especially at judges’ table, where she scaled down her appearance, looking less like “Jenny from the Block” and more Banana Republic babe. Alina blamed her strict Russian upbringing for her inability to express herself, while Josyln cried about not liking her nose.

Applause goes to Analeigh, who, despite overhearing gossip that she “doesn’t look like a model,” rose to the occasion and pulled off both photo shoots, proving that she’s capable and confident. That said, it was an episode for the outcasts to shine.

After being coached and critiqued by Tyra on the importance of finding your “one thing” — like Gisele‘s backside or Tyra’s glare — the girls took turns finding the best versions of themselves in front of the camera.

Analeigh assumed the “rebel skater” stance. McKey broke out the “boxer.” Sam strutted her hands. Joslyn put forward her profile. Lauren Brie admitted to having “no uniqueness about me” and offered a sad excuse for a “surfer chic.”

After working on her posture, per Tyra’s advice, Marjorie won the challenge with her signature pose as “the Hunchback of Notre Dame.” It was an idea she boldly brought to the table, very much impressing Tyra. Her prize? A shopping spree at Rafinity Jewelry with the contestant of her choice. Marjorie chose Analeigh, and the girls took home gorgeous, diamond necklaces.

The real challenge came when the girls pulled up to a huge auditorium, where they were asked to transform themselves into stereotypical actresses, using the signature poses they had previously practiced with Tyra.

Mademoiselle Marjorie went first with a high-fashion, toilet-flushing moment as the girl who desperately needs the bathroom but can’t undo her dress. Her lanky lambs and unusual facial expressions resulted in incredible images. Sam did so-so as the girl who couldn’t see her cue cards. Sheena was the gorgeous girl whose gown gets stepped on, however she did NOT look gorgeous, nor was the gown worn well.

Alina opened her tear ducts as the overly emotional actress who couldn’t stop crying. With so much pressure about her uptight personality, she finally let go, replacing her fake tears with a few from the heart. McKey made progress with a powerful picture as the actress who thought she’d win an award but doesn’t. Her face is looking more and more striking in each episode.

The real letdown was Lauren Brie, who couldn’t infuse an ounce of energy into a starlet who trips on the stairs. Her face looked beautiful but her aura was bland. The dazzling dud disappointed the judges yet again.

In the end, the judges held court without much debate: Marjorie’s weirdness rocked their world. Sheena’s pictures were discouragingly poor. Lauren Brie bored them beyond words.

Marjorie won, opening our eyes to her underground sheer talent, while Lauren Brie said goodbye. She confessed that she, “kinda gave up,” but that her friends will attest to her awesomeness. It’s okay, really, there’s no need for that.

The lucky seven remain: Marjorie, Analeigh, McKey, Sam, Alina, Joslyn and Sheena. Lets hope they remember that models might require small waistlines, but it’s the big personality that Ms. Banks is banking on! — Alyssa Shelasky

Tell us: Could Marjorie be a Top Model? Which of the seven is your favorite? Mike Rosenthal/Pottle Productions Inc. (2)

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