By People Staff
Updated September 11, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Mike Ruiz/Pottle Productions Inc.

On the second episode of America’s Next Top Model, a game of Truth or Dare ended in tears for one contestant and “fireworks” for another. With all the drama in the house, it could have been an installment of MTV’s Real World, save for the modeling part, which kicked off with an extreme posing lesson from Benny Ninja and his contortionist sidekick.

While Nikeysha promised to control her motor mouth, even a confined space could not curb her chatter, and Benny was not impressed by her skills. “You look like you have gas,” he said. Meanwhile, Sheena showed off her bendy abilities and announced she now had the confidence to be “model sexy versus hooch sexy.”

Back at the house, though, she lost her focus started booty popping in a bikini during Truth or Dare. Things heated up from there, with Elina scoring a kiss with her crush Clark. “It was amazing! I saw fireworks!” Elina gushed.

It was too much dare for “small town” Hannah, of Alaska, who deemed it “definitely really extreme for my taste” and admitted she normally would not hang out with “characters” like bisexual Elina and Isis, “because she’s transgender.” When Isis got a little too close in the hot tub, Hannah pushed her away, grimaced, narrowed her eyes and scurried off.

Brittany and Sheena confronted Hannah for getting physical. “I’m like the stereotypical white person,” she tried to explain before digging herself deeper. “I’m not really loud. I don’t walk in a room like, ‘Hey!'”

Brittany called her “ignorant” during confessional, but calmly remarked, “I’m a black girl, and you know what, somebody could take offense.”

“I really wasn’t trying to offend anybody!” Hannah said as tears streamed down her face.

Isis warned in the confessional, “I wouldn’t say the claws are out yet but the cat might be scratching at the door.” Ultimately, though, she stayed out of the fray and bonded with Analeigh, who adorably distracted her with animal noises while she gave herself hormonal injections.

Despite feeling nauseous, Isis rallied for the next challenge, where the girls tried to make accessories by guest judge Tarina Tarantino “pop.” Unfortunately, Sheena took her “extreme” posing to the wrong extreme: with one leg behind her head, she placed the handbag strategically in front of her crotch. So much for toning down the hooch! “You’re not showing the level of respect for the product,” a disgusted Tarantino said. Instead, Benny credited Elina’s “interesting” poses and “amazing” face for her win, which included a handbag full of jewelry and accessories from the designer.

At the photo shoot, the contestants dangled from a “ladder of success” in gowns and flowing scarves. Isis struggled and Jay Manuel said, “Her face isn’t good,” while Sheena turned showgirl by holding on to the ladder with her booty rather than, say, her legs. “It’s a little hoochie,” Jay said. Even less ladylike: Nikeysha, who flashed the photographer by mistake. But Lauren earned high marks for her fierce, aerodynamic poses. “It’s Dior!” Jay exclaimed.

At judging, Tyra called out Sheena for looking “hoochiefied” and “hoochalicious” (thereby setting the record for most times “hooch” has been uttered on network television), and Miss Jay deemed her “Victoria Secretions.”

Paulina Porzikova inquired, “Are your breasts fake?”

“No ma’am, they’re just big,” Sheena denied. But before judging ended, she stepped forward to get something, ahem, “off my chest.”

“So they’re not real?” asked a clueless judge Nigel Barker.

“No, of course not! It was just a foolish decision at a young age,” she ‘fessed up. Tyra praised her for telling the truth and called it “beautiful,” while Nigel offered up golf claps.

Also winning over the host? Elina. “It’s kind of like Angelina Jolie as a model,” Tyra said. But Lauren won with “one of the best photos in the history of this competition.”

Getting harsher treatment: Isis’s “common” look and Nikeysha’s too-thin frame. “What are your eating habits,” Tyra probed.

“You think I’m too thin?” Nikeshya asked.

Jay prescribed “a full-on cheeseburger, fried chicken, and a watermelon chaser.”

Nigel theorized that her thinness comes from “exercising her mouth,” which she proceeded to do before Tyra even cut her off.

“You need to learn to listen,” Tyra said. “This is Isis’s moment so we’re going to have you be quiet for a little bit.”

It didn’t last long. As an eliminated Nikeshya packed, the waterworks flowed — as did a stream of words that surely went on (and on and on and on) after the credits rolled. — Jenny SundelMike Ruiz/Pottle Productions Inc.