June 19, 2008 12:00 AM

She’s already taken the Top Chef title … but now Stephanie Izard gets bragging rights once again: She was named Fan Favorite during Wednesday’s Top Chef Reunion Special.

Izard earned $10,000 for the award, probably inspiring more jealously from her fellow cheftestants. (But really, who can dislike the good-natured Chicago resident?) (Hear more from Stephanie … including why she thinks Tom Colicchio is sexy! — in our exclusive video interview.) Otherwise, Wednesday’s special kept the drama at a low simmer.

Why didn’t they seat Lisa next to Dale? Where was Andrew with his spastic one-liners? While the cast seemed genuinely happy to be together, producers assembled one hilarious montage recalling the best of the stew room showdowns. But if there are hard feelings still, nobody … not even Lisa! … was expressing them.

Still, there were some key revelations:

For one, Lisa confessed that her constant scowling has earned her some nasty looks on the street. At a party, some women confronted her saying they were too afraid to talk to her for fear that she’d chew their heads off. But the chef took it all in stride, joking that she thinks she made good television … and that maybe she should win an Emmy.

We especially enjoyed a segment highlighting the “bromances” blossoming in the house–Spike and Mark in the bubble bath and Richard complimenting Dale on his nipples. Richard, who was on standby for the birth of his daughter, again complimented Dale via satellite–that’s how much he admires Dale’s nipples.

Then, there was Zoi and Jen‘s oddly worded denial that they had broken up after the show. The women kept tightlipped, refusing to discuss their personal life … but it sure seemed like something’s up. Right?

And, finally, was anyone aware of Antonia‘s nickname before Wednesday’s show? The fourth place finalist was dubbed “the Black Hammer” … because of a curse that plagued her. Anybody on Antonia’s team was seemingly voted off at various points in the competition. (Valerie and Zoi succumbed to that fate, anyway.)

Tell Us: What did you think of the reunion special? Did Stephanie deserve Fan Favorite? And who did you wish spoke up more?

F. Scott Schafer/Bravo

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