By People Staff
Updated June 05, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Chuck Hodes/Bravo

After a six-month vacation, the remaining four Top Chef contestants arrived in Puerto Rico ready for the final challenge, and Richard, Antonia and Stephanie were quick to remark how surprised they were that Lisa, sporting a new short haircut, was still around.

In the Quickfire Challenge, the four contestants had to make two fritters using plantains. Stephanie won her first challenge of the season, combining the traditional Puerto Rican ingredient with tuna slices. The next challenge paired the chefs with eliminated contestants and had them butchering a whole pig for two unique meals. The judges awarded Richard the win (and a new Toyota Corolla) for his Malta-glazed ribs, and Stephanie, scoring again with plantain pancakes, came in second.

The judges complained that Antonia’s peas were undercooked and her food mixed together poorly and that Lisa didn’t play to her Asian cuisine strengths and focused too much on the garnishes. But in a final twist, the judges seemed to forget Antonia’s recent high marks and sent her home, while Lisa made it to the next round.

On her way out, Antonia had three words for Stephanie: “Kick their asses.” –Emmet Sullivan

Tell us: Will Stephanie be crowned the first female Top Chef? Can Lisa pull another upset and take home the prize?Chuck Hodes/Bravo