Tonight's 'Idol' Elimination: Who Should Be Nervous?

Photo: Michael Becker/FOX

The votes are in and the Top 20 contestants on American Idol are waiting are spending the day waiting to find out if they’ll be one of the unlucky ones to hear bad news (and then sing their goodbye!) on tonight’s elimination show or if they’ll be back next week to compete for the judges’ approval — and for America’s vote. All the idols can do now is hope they gave a performance that was memorable and entertaining and that they inspired their fans to call in or text a vote to keep them in the competition. Should Jason Yeager and Kady Malloy be nervous about tonight’s live elimination on FOX?

Who deserves to stay? Who deserves to go? And what will American decide?

Tell us: Who should be nervous about tonight’s elimination?Michael Becker/FOX

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