Jay Leno Surprises Jimmy Fallon by Taking Over 'Tonight Show' Monologue

The former host returns to steal the spotlight

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Jay Leno is back in familiar territory.

The former The Tonight Show host returned Tuesday to hijack the monologue from Jimmy Fallon.

“I think I pulled a hammy, I think I’m gonna sub out,” Fallon, 41, said midway through his monologue to bring out his predecessor.

Leno, 65, was welcomed by roaring applause before he went on to joke about the presidential candidates Ralph Nader, Martin O’Malley, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush and, of course, Donald Trump.

Even Osama Bin Laden and Obamacare were topics in his arsenal of political jokes.

Leno and Fallon also joined forces for a hilarious tag team.

“The economy is so bad, the Kardashians are losing their asses,” Leno said with Fallon adding, “The economy is so bad 50 Cent changed his name to Nickelback.”

And when the SNL alum asked if the former NBC star wanted to stick around to chat with the night’s guest Lady Gaga, Leno couldn’t help but exit with a dig.

“I can’t, I’m a lead guest on Colbert tonight,” he joked.

Leno hosted The Tonight Show for 22 years before stepping down in 2014.

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