Jane Fonda Shares More Ridiculous 'True Facts of Truth' with Jimmy Fallon

What was the original name of Uranus? You probably don't want to know


What was the original name of Uranus?

You don’t want to know Jane Fonda‘s answer to that.

But she’ll tell you anyway in this latest installment of “True Facts of Truth” from The Tonight Show.

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If you enjoy ridiculous falsehoods, you already love this series. And here, Fonda, 77 – the star of Netflix’s new comedy Grace and Frankie – joins Jimmy Fallon to tackle a load of topics, from Tide laundry detergent, Albert Einstein’s mustache and Hootie & the Blowfish to Pep Boys mascots, the Wright Brothers and Mother’s Day.

And yeah, that awkwardly named seventh planet from the sun.

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