Tom Hanks Teaches David Letterman How to Use a Selfie Stick

The Oscar winner wanted the photo as a keepsake on Monday's Late Show

Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Julia Roberts kissed him, George Clooney handcuffed him, but all Tom Hanks wanted from David Letterman was a photo.

“Hey, can I take a selfie?” he asked on Monday’s Late Show as he pulled out a selfie stick.

“Wait a minute, what is this?” the soon-to-retire host said as he grabbed the stick.

Hanks explained that his wife, Rita Wilson, “announced when they first came out that we would never ever have a selfie stick in the house.” But then he explained that they sell the ubiquitous accessories “all over Florence, which was the birthplace of the Renaissance.”

After taking the picture (by positioning the camera high enough that it camouflaged their double chins), the Oscar winner said, “In a couple of weeks when you head down to – I’m just gonna guess what you’re gonna be up to, two words – Space Camp, take one of these bad boys with you.”

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Letterman noted that the selfie stick gives the impression that someone else has taken the picture for you.

“Which will work for you, Dave, because it will mean that you’ve been on vacation with a friend,” Hanks replied.

Letterman’s final episode of The Late Show is on Wednesday.

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