The new Late Late Show host also names an Emmy winner and a four-time Oscar nominee he'd like to interview

By Lanford Beard
Updated March 23, 2015 11:30 AM
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As James Corden undergoes the final preparations before making his debut as the host of The Late Late Show on Monday night, he can at least be assured he’s made one “perfect” choice.

Corden tells PEOPLE that he’d already made his wish to have Tom Hanks as a guest known during a press tour back in December: “Someone showed me a video from the Into the Woods junket … and I’m saying, ‘Tom Hanks. I just think he’s the perfect movie star.’ ”

Corden, 36, continues, “I’m so just overjoyed that he is going to be the first person that I get to talk to on the show. I just adore him and am such a fan.”

After Hanks takes a seat on the couch, Corden has his sights set on another multiple award winner: “I’m a huge fan of Allison Janney,” he says. “She is just the most fun person. She’s so great. Someone like her is just the perfect person to be on a couch with someone else because it instantly feels interesting.”

He adds, “Bradley Cooper would be fantastic as well.”

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Hanks, the Mom star, and Cooper are part of Corden’s strategy for hosting: “I am excited about bringing our guests out at the same time that will hopefully not just be great to watch but great to experience as well. … We tried to create our set as a fun, organic environment, and I hope so much we can pull that off.”

So far, he’s poised for a good start – Hanks will be joined by Mila Kunis when The Late Late Show with James Corden debuts Tuesday morning at 12:35 a.m. ET.

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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