Todd and Julie Chrisley Discuss Life Since Legal 'Shakedown': 'We Feel Like We're Hemorrhaging'

"Sometimes we need a shakedown so that we can rise up ... the lesson for us has to be that it's never too late," Julie Chrisley said during Friday's episode of the Chrisley Confessions podcast

Todd and Julie Chrisley are leaning on each other — and finding forgiveness for those who have wronged them — as they continue to navigate life after the fallout of their bank fraud and tax evasion convictions.

During Friday's episode of PodcastOne's Chrisley Confessions podcast, the duo opened up about what they've learned about each other and their marriage — and how they plan on moving forward from their June 7 guilty verdicts.

"I started a new book this week and it's about comebacks ... in this book, it says that comebacks begin with Jesus," said Julie, 49. "It doesn't matter how messy life has become. It's never too late for God to restore your family, your health, your mind. Never too late for him to put your life back together."

"Never too late to heal the wounds inflicted on you over the years. Never too late for Jesus to speak to you when you're hanging on a cross in the middle of a punishment you deserve," she continued. "The good news is that paradise connects the landfill. Today, thanks to Jesus, paradise can come to us. It also said that a lot of us need a shakedown so that we can rise up."

"I thought that was a really powerful statement," she added. "Sometimes we need a shakedown so that we can rise up. And that the lesson for us has to be that it's never too late. We're never too far gone. God is always good and he always remembers us. Our prayer isn't to get revenge on a group of people, but to be strengthened once more so that we may live in God's glory."

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Todd and Julie were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion in early June. The two Chrisley Knows Best stars, who could face up to 30 years in prison, have previously said they will appeal. Their sentencing date is set for Oct. 6.

For Todd, he admitted the situation has not only bettered his marriage, but has given him an awakening of sorts.

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"In my perspective, it has drawn me closer to my wife," said Todd, 53. "I feel like that my marriage, for me personally, internally, is the strongest that it's ever been. I feel like for the first time in my life and my marriage, I feel like my marriage is feeding a part of me that I didn't even know was starving. I feel like I understand Julie from a different level than I ever have before. I feel like you have opened up more since all of this."

"I feel like for so long, you and I have been a team since day one," Julie replied. "It's been you and I against the world ... I think for both of us, this situation, our season of life right now has shown us it's not about what our plan is, it's about what God's plan is. For a long time, it was always our plan, not God's plan."

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Todd then opened up about the "employee" who allegedly wronged them in the fraud and tax evasion suit.

"We had this employee that worked for us, that has caused so much of the stuff that has happened, and you look and say, 'How is he getting away with this? How is this happening?'" Todd said. "I have prayed for God to take that hatred out of my heart because I know what this man did. Just because I don't know what's going on in his life doesn't mean God's not handling it ... I just pray, Lord if there's an enemy coming at me and whatever they're sending my way, I ask that you return to sender."

"People will get what's coming to them, but it's in God's time," Julie later added. "It's not on our time. That's where we want to push it along, we want to hurry it up because we're hurting so badly that we just want to see an ounce of love from someone else because we feel like we're hemorrhaging."

"Throughout seasons of your life, I know that you feel like you are hemorrhaging to death and you can't even see a scrape on the other person that you feel like has lied on you, or that has done wrong by you or that has cheated you," she said. "That's what makes it so hard."

Last month, the duo admitted on their podcast that the situation has taken a toll on their family — but they are determined to push through.

"As a family, we are still united and standing firm in our positions and in our faith. We don't waiver in our faith," Todd said. "Now listen. Are we disappointed? Are we hurt? Yes, but we know that God has a purpose for everything."

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