'Today' Show's Jill Martin Engaged to Boyfriend Erik Brooks: 'Best Day of My Life!'

Jill Martin said "yes" during a surprise engagement in the Hamptons

Breaking news: Congratulations are in order for Jill Martin!

The Today show lifestyle contributor is engaged to her boyfriend Erik Brooks.

Martin confirmed the engagement to Today, revealing that Brooks popped the question last week during a trip to the Hamptons.

“[Erik] told me we were going to a friends house for a casual kick-off to summer party … (he even sent me a paperless post with the fake invite). I kinda knew something was fishy but couldn’t put my finger on it!” Martin, 43, said.

Once the couple arrived at the beach, Brooks took Martin to a seaside tent decorated with romantic mementos.

“When I looked in the tent there were pics of us from the last year and 8 months framed everywhere … candles … flowers … all our favorite songs on a playlist,” Martin continued.

Jill Martin
Jill Martin

There, Brooks got down on one knee and popped the question.

“It took me a few mins to say yes — he actually said ‘Is the answer ‘yes’?’ as I hadn’t responded! I said of course!!! Yes!!” she recalled.

After the couple got to enjoy a private moment together, Martin’s closest friends and family came out to surprise her.

“He had my parents walk into the tent and his parents surprised me and flew in from Florida! His 3 kids, his sister and the rest of the family came the next day for the weekend. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” Martin said.

Jill Martin
Jill Martin

As for when they will tie the knot, Martin said the couple isn’t in any rush.

“(We) haven’t even thought about a wedding date yet — just so happy to know I will be spending the rest of my life with him,” she said. “He is my real life prince charming. I couldn’t have created a better storybook ending.”

Martin and Brooks met on an online dating website in 2017.

In February, Martin opened up about her relationship in an essay for Today, calling Brooks the “the love of my life.”

“Erik is kind, honest, funny and puts family first: he has three beautiful children whom I adore,” she wrote. “We were both lucky enough to grow up in households filled with love, support and tons of laughter (which our parents say is a huge part of the recipe for success), and we both emulate our parents’ relationships and joke that in 50 years we will be celebrating and just as in love as they are.”

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