'Today' 's Sheinelle Jones Announces She's No Longer Hosting Weekend Show

"Every time I look up, I feel like they look like they're a little bit older so I'm going to be home with them," Sheinelle Jones said of her kids

After working six days out of the week at Today, Sheinelle Jones is stepping back from co-hosting on the weekend.

On Saturday, the anchor, 41, announced she will no longer be appearing on the Saturday program of the morning franchise.

“It has been an incredible five-plus years,” Jones told viewers.

“As much as I love my Saturday Today family, this is going to be my last day anchoring the show,” she said. “Since I’m so busy on the weekdays, I thought, you know what, I should probably see those three children that I have at home. They’re 7-year-old twins and a 10-year-old — Kayin, Clara and Uche — every time I look up, I feel like they look like they’re a little bit older so I’m going to be home with them on Saturday mornings.”

Jones will continue to work Monday through Friday on the 3rd Hour of Today.

Sheinelle Jones
Sheinelle Jones. NBC

Jones launched the 3rd Hour of Today with her co-hosts Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin and Al Roker in January. “It’s almost in the middle before you get to the talk shows and in the middle of the newscast — it’s kind of a merge of both,” Jones told PEOPLE in July when the team celebrated the six-month work anniversary of their new series. “The beautiful thing about is that it’s authentic. It’s friends sitting around the table and people say on social media that they feel like them with their friends just having a conversation.”

Also on Saturday, Jones’ fellow weekend co-host Dreyer marked her last Saturday shift before maternity leave. The meteorologist is expecting her second child, a baby boy, with husband Brian Fichera after experiencing a miscarriage last winter.

“I have two weeks left until I give birth to this little guy,” Dreyer said.

3rd Hour of Today airs weekdays at 9 a.m.

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