"We're a regular family, living in a slightly extraordinary life," Howe tells PEOPLE
Credit: TLC

David Drew Howe may have been born into a working class family but after researching his ancestry online the auto repair advisor got quite a surprise when he discovered he was heir to the British Isle of Man throne.

“Life has changed a little bit in that I have a few more options than I did before but I’m still just a regular dude,” Howe tells PEOPLE.

“I’m just not so anonymous anymore.”

In a clip for TLC’s new series Suddenly Royal, in which Howe stars alongside his wife, Pam, and their 12-year-old daughter Grace, the family is less than impressed with their modest new digs after traveling 3,000 miles to Isle of Man.

But, after settling in, the newcomers’ welcome was mostly warm.

“The only downside seems to be the few people that judge us without really knowing us,” adds Howe. “I guess that comes with the royal territory, but we’re really just regular people, a regular family, living in a slightly extraordinary life I guess.”

And the biggest perk of being an heir?

“Having something to pass to my daughter and future generations,” says Howe. “I want her to have her interests and her life, but I’m going to hold and preserve this for her until the eventual time it becomes her turn.”

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Suddenly Royal

premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.