TLC's New Show About an Australian Energy Healer Could Make You a Believer

Charlie Goldsmith isn't your average handsome Australian man with a television show; he's an energy healer with a very special gift

He’s a miracle worker!

Charlie Goldsmith isn’t your average handsome Australian man with a television show; he’s an energy healer with a very special gift — and his new show The Healer premieres on TLC Nov. 6.

“When I focus my energy on somebody’s issue, often the state of that issue will rapidly change,” Goldsmith says in PEOPLE’s exclusive first look at the show. “I’ve helped a lot of people with infections, a lot of people with viruses, with significant pain that pain killers haven’t even improved.”

“I call it a gift, but the gift isn’t for me, the gift is something I have to give as opposed to something I get to benefit from,” he continues. “Not one moment in my life do I wonder what my purpose is.”

“Seriously, you’re like, not real,” says one young woman helped by Goldsmith in the clip, laughing.

TLC The Healer

And Goldsmith knows a lot of people will probably feel skeptical at first. In fact, that’s one of his goals for the show: to bring credibility to his work.

“I don’t have a clean slate, like, I’ve just discovered healing, and everyone’s like, ‘We’ve never heard of that, let’s check it out,’ ” he says. “It’s like, I’ve just discovered healing and everyone’s going, ‘Well, that’s been proven to be fraudulent.’ ”

“Then I’ve got to go, ‘Okay, no it’s not a fraud — just give me a second of your time and I’ll show you it’s not,” he adds.

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So far, Goldsmith has researchers at NYU on his side who can attest that “something real” is going on with the healer’s abilities, revealing that in a case series of about 20 patients, most saw “dramatic results.”

Over the course of the first season of The Healer, Goldsmith will even test his powers on celebrity clients like Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards and Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey, who had been suffering from chronic neck pain since she was in a car accident 30 years ago.

The Healer debuts Nov. 6 on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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