TLC Star Shauna Rae Reveals She Visited an OB-GYN to See If She 'Can Carry a Baby'

After going through chemotherapy, "no one really checked on my fertility," Shauna Rae Leisck tells PEOPLE. "I wanted to get the process started"

Shauna Rae Lesick isn't planning to become a new mom anytime soon, but the 22-year-old says knowing the status of her fertility health is a priority.

After battling brain cancer as a baby, Lesick underwent surgery and three years of chemotherapy. The treatments were successful, but when she was 5, doctors discovered that her pituitary (which is responsible for producing hormones in the body that control metabolism and growth) had been rendered dormant.

Synthetic hormone injections helped her grow another 8 inches in height, but when she hit puberty at 16, her bones permanently fused, leaving her just shy of 4 ft. tall. Lesick was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism which affects less than 8,000 in the United States.

"Going back to when I was 16, no one really checked on my fertility," she says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. "I know people with other forms of dwarfism can have babies. I wanted to get the process started to determine if I could or couldn't. It's not as much as always can I carry a baby? It's, did the chemo affect my fertility? Did it affect any of my system? My eggs?"

I Am Shauna
Shauna Rae With her family
Shauna Rae with her family, including her stepdad Mark. TLC

Cameras follow Lesick as she shares what it's like to be a young, single woman with her condition on her new TLC reality series, I Am Shauna Rae, which documents her and her family at home in New York's Long Island.

"I'm still really young and haven't made up my mind," says Lesick, who recently visited an OB-GYN to find out more information on her fertility health.

For now, she's keeping her options open.

"I do know that raising a child I have no questions about, I know I can do it," she says. "If I meet a person and they want to have a family, then that's what we're going to do. It's nothing that is never going to be a no for me, it's always a maybe kind of situation."

I Am Shauna Rae airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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